Investment opportunity

We are looking for funding in order to move forward with our next clinical trial. We have opened a funding round and presenting a new way to invest via our own web pages. Read more below.

Why to invest in Medicortex Finland Oy?

Medicortex is bringing to Finland a new diagnostic option for clear unmet need to detect head injuries and concussion.

- Large customer potential and variable clients.

- Current company valuation ca. 6.2 M€.

- Exit planned as listing* on First North at Nasdaq Helsinki as soon as the valuation is above 10 M€.

- Four people team keeping the costs low, slim and lean organization.

* Pending BOD approval.

Investment will be used for a clinical trial sample collection.

- Basic development done (preclinical and proof-of-concept human testing).

- Patent applications and PCT filed.

- Exciting Company, won twice an innovation prize.

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