Medicortex's novel, multi-functional approach aims both at decreasing circulating toxic metal ion levels in the brain as well as minimizing oxidation by free radicals. This synergistic approach is expected to block the neurodegenerative cascade.

Pipeline - Our Approach

Because secondary brain injury is caused by multiple cascades of biochemical reactions, previous attempts using a single biochemical mechanism have all failed. With over thirty Phase III studies to date demonstrating the difficulty in stopping the biochemical cascade using the one-dimensional approach, intervention must address several pathways, both simultaneously and sequentially, to be effective.

All too frequently, TBI victims are misdiagnosed because it is common for them to not present obvious signs of brain injury, such as loss of consciousness. Therefore, Medicortex believes it is vital to establish reliable biomarkers for brain injury, in the short term for the sake of accurate clinical trials, and in the long term to ensure effective treatment for all TBI patients.