It is crucial to understand that the most of the damage caused by brain injury does not occur upon initial impact to the head, but rather as a consequence of secondary brain injury.

Clinical trials

Medicortex is running and planning the following clinical trials.

Phase I

We are currently running a proof-of-concept clinical trial in collaboration with Turku University Hospital (Tyks). Samples from 12 head-injured patients and 12 healthy volunteers will be collected and analyzed using state-of-the art biochemical methods.

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Recruitment completed. We have completed the collection of samples of 12 patients and 12 healthy controls in January 2017. We would like to thank all volunteers who participated in the study. We are getting the results of the sample analysis later in 2017.

Phase II

We are planning to start a large clinical trial in 2017. The study will consist of 120 - 160 subjects who will be recruited in Finnish hospitals. The objective of the trial is to verify the diagnostic indication of the biomarker with respect to the injury severity and in terms of false negative/false positive detection in various cases of patients and healthy controls.