TesTBI diagnostic test

TesTBI is an electrochemical test for quantitative detection of Traumatic Brain Injury biomarkers. The test will be developed in collaboration with Fepod Oy Ltd who have patented the technology for blood sample analysis. TesTBI will be developed to detect Medicortex's propietary biomarkers from urine samples.

TesTBI has four components:

A. Electrochemical detection - uses aptamers to recognise the biomarker 

B. Measurement and Bluetooth-transmission of measurement data to the software in cell phone or computer 

C. Interpretation of the data with machine learning aided software 

D. Numeric results displayed for the user

TesTBI advantages:

- Quantitative

- Portable

- Fast (result within minutes)

- Non-invasive

- Easy-to-use

- Reusable

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