Why invest in TesTBI?

In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, TesTBI stands as an innovative idea, poised to reshape the diagnostics industry. Why should you invest in TesTBI? Here's why:

  • Pioneering Innovation: TesTBI is a breakthrough in the detection of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). In the world lacking a reliable method for detecting mild TBIs, Medicortex Finland Oyj and Fepod Oy Ltd decided to team up to offer a competitive edge with their proprietary and innovative approach.
  • Protected by Patents: Our groundbreaking biomarker is fully protected by patents. These patents not only signify our commitment to innovation but also provide a solid foundation for future market share. The biomarker is identified in three clinical trials, which all show that it is capable of telling the difference between a TBI case and a healthy person.
  • Addressing a Critical Need: Recognizing the pressing need for efficient diagnostic tools, TesTBI steps in to fill the void. With almost 70 million new cases of TBI every year, TBI is a big problem. As undetected TBI can lead to severe health issues, our test is a solution so many people have been waiting for.
  • Expansive Market Potential: The brain injury diagnostics market is large and growing. The market has an estimated value surpassing €3.3 billion by 2029, TesTBI is estimated to capture a share of around 3 % of this market by 2029. This would mean sales of almost 100 million euros.
  • Awards and Recognition: Medicortex has collected awards and recognition for its innovative approach, backed by research funding from major players like the US Department of Defense's medical research funds. This isn't just interest; it's a validation of our potential.
  • Expert Leadership: Behind every successful venture is a team of seasoned leaders. Medicortex has a management and board with extensive experience in biomarkers, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, biotech, drug development, GMP production, and manufacturing. Our Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board adds another layer of expertise, ensuring that TesTBI is not just groundbreaking but also meticulously crafted.

Investments will be used for development of the TesTBI diagnostic test.

  • Development of an electrochemical test, TesTBI, will be done in collaboration with Fepod Oy Ltd. The test is intended for self-testing using a urine sample to diagnose mild TBI or concussion in a quantitative manner. Fepod’s core competence is offering end-to-end fast and reliable testing capability for different biomarkers.

  • The company has established working relations with Fepod in order to explore the possibility of developing TesTBI, a new test, which is based on specific recognition of Medicortex's proprietary biomarker present in urine following a head injury. The test device is easy to use, re-usable, non-invasive, portable, gives results rapidly, and can be used in both military and civilian environments (sports injuries, traffic accidents etc.). 

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