Research and Development

Research and Development

Patent portfolio

Biomarker portfolio

  1. “Prognostic and Diagnostic Glycan-based Biomarkers of Brain Damage” Finnish application FI 20155280; PCT application WO/2016/166,419
  2. “Non-invasive brain injury diagnostic device” U.S. Patent application No. 62/461,277, WO2018154401 (A1)
  3. “Portable Device and Methods for Continuous Diagnosis of Brain Injuries” US application No. 62/720,936

NCE portfolio

  1. ”Multivalent compounds for use in the treatment and prevention of brain damage" Granted Finnish patent FI 127 024; Granted US patent US 9,975,846
  2. "Conjugates for TBI and Neurodegenerative diseases“ U.S. Patent application No. 62/680,610
  3. "Compounds for the prevention or treatment of TBI and neurodegenerative diseases“ U.S. Patent application No. 62/698,156