Medicortex Finland is dedicated to improving the diagnostics, treatment and prevention of acute neurodegenerative conditions. Current focus is on developing a novel biomarker based diagnostic test for traumatic brain injuries (TBI). After the development project the company will focus on a multiplex treatment for TBI.

Business Strategy

Medicortex is focusing on identifying and capturing biomarkers for TBI and concussion. Our vision is to incorporate them into a quick, inexpensive and easy-to-use test to be used as a diagnostic tool to help establish the existence of a mild brain trauma. In the next project Medicortex intends to develop a novel, multi-functional approach to treating TBI by decreasing circulating toxic metal ion levels in the brain and minimizing oxidation by free radicals. This synergistic approach is expected to block the neurodegenerative cascade.

Medicortex is determined to become a revolutionary biotech company. Today, no accurate diagnosis for TBI exists, and diagnosis is based on neurological evaluation and imaging methods that are not always sufficient. A quick and easy biomarker test based on one of the body fluids would help doctors in the diagnosis in emergency response situations. 

Our clients:

  • Hospitals and emergency rooms: They need to find out quickly whether a patient has TBI or not. The Medicortex test could be part of the check-in to discover mild and moderate TBI cases. Several leading Emergency Care experts have claimed the huge need and interest for such a rapid TBI test.
  • Paramedics and first responders: They can carry a Medicortex test with them to assign a degree of urgency at the accident site or in the ambulance. The hospital will be prepared as soon as the patients arrives.
  • Armies: Medicortex test can be used to discover soldiers who sustained brain injury during an explosion/blast or some other incident so that they can be rapidly evacuated.
  • Sport teams: They could keep a Medicortex kit in their first aid bag and include it in their regular health checks and use it after a collision or head impact in the game. Sports-related TBI is a common problem especially in contact sports such as American football, ice-hockey, boxing, etc. 
  • Insurance companies: They could use Medicortex test to confirm insurance claims, especially after car accidents.
  • Pharma companies: They can use the test as an end-point measure for new drug development trials. Biomarker level can indicate whether an administered drug candidate improved the brain injury or not.
  • Consumers: Private people could purchase an over-the-counter Medicortex test if they suspect TBI, instead of going to the doctor each time. Medicortex test can be used to rule out brain injury after accidents or falls. Especially for parents with little kids who cannot express themselves verbally, the test can bring peace of mind or avoid any serious TBI effects.
  • Schools: School nurses could test pupils after a head injury to determine whether a TBI has occurred and home rest or transportation to hospital is required.
  • Nursing homes / elderly care units: Elderly are at a high risk of sustaining TBI. They can be tested at a nursing home for occurrence of brain injury after a fall or collision. Unnecessary transportation and re-location to hospitals can be avoided in uninjured cases, and those who are injured will more likely get treatment.

Moreover, there is no competent neuro-protective medication for brain injury, which is one of the largest and most serious unmet medical needs in the world today. We firmly believe that our pipeline represents by far the most logical approach to meeting that dire medical need. The time to move forward is now. Many statistical studies have indicated that TBI and ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) are both on the rise, and not simply because of population growth. Be it increasing longevity, private automobile use, sports and recreation participation or soldiering, the burden of brain injury is only going to rise in the coming years – and Medicortex will be at the forefront of finding a solution.