Investment opportunity

We are looking for funding in order to move forward with our next clinical trial. Read more below.

Investment opportunity

Why invest in Medicortex Finland Plc?

TBI is the leading cause of central nervous system impairment and there is no reliable way to detect mild injuries - yet! Here's why Medicortex could solve the problem:

  • The company’s biggest strength is in the proprietary idea itself. As per the company’s assessment it is innovative and something that does not exist at the moment, providing a competitive advantage.

  • Our test – detecting a biomarker in a non-invasive sample (urine or saliva) – will address a TBI point of care (POC) diagnostics market that is estimated to exceed €2 billion annually.

  • The new biomarker and the technology surrounding it has been protected by several patent applications. Some patents have already been granted.

  • The company has comprehended that there is a huge need for new innovative and efficient diagnostic tools.

  • The company’s management has noted that the brain injury diagnostics market is large and the potential customer base vast.

  • Medicortex has received several awards and recognitions for its innovation, as well as research funding from major funders, such as the US Department of Defense’s medical research funds showing that Medicortex has  gained much interest.

Investments will be used primarily for development of the diagnostic kit.

  • Basic development including preclinical trial and proof-of-concept human testing has been done.

  • The company has completed two clinical trials where the biomarker was discovered. The first study included 24 subjects whereas the second contained 69. The recruitments were carried out in three Finnish hospitals: Tyks, Satakunta Central Hospital, Vaasa Central Hospital.

  • Currently, the third clinical trial to validate the biomarker in children who have suffered a concussion is underway. The sample collection from 28 TBI and 30 healthy subjects is completed, and the samples are currently being analyzed for the presence of the biomarker. 

Investments always carry risks - Invest responsibly 

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