Medicortex Finland is dedicated to improving the diagnostics, treatment and prevention of acute neurodegenerative conditions. Current focus is on developing a novel biomarker based diagnostic test for traumatic brain injuries (TBI). After the development project the company will focus on a multiplex treatment for TBI.

Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board (SAB)

Medicortex has a convincing Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) with expertise ranging from high level academic research to clinical competence and commercialization of research results in drug development.

  • Mårten Kvist - MD/PhD, Associate Professor. Chairman of the Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board, Finland.
  • Dr. Kvist is a docent in general practice and public health. He is an experienced clinician and scientist with international experience in project leading. Dr. Kvist recently retired from his position as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Medicortex. He was appointed the Chairman of the Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board in 2023.

  • Antti Kaipia - MD/PhD, Professor. Chief at the Department of Urology, Tampere University Hospital, Finland.
  • Professor Kaipia is a specialist in surgery and urology. He has vast experience in clinical practices of central hospitals. Professor Kaipia has been a member of the SAB since 2017.

  • Lauri Kangas - PhD, Associate Professor. PharmaScientific Adviser, Chief Scientific Officer (retired), Finland.
  • Dr. Kangas has his background in the pharmaceutical industry. He is retired from his latest position as a Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) in a drug development company where he was one of the founders. Currently he is serving as a Scientific Adviser in several new drug development companies in the Turku Region in Finland. Dr. Kangas has been a member of the SAB since 2017.

  • Timo Kurki  - MD/PhD, Associate Professor. Neuroradiologist, Chief of Medical Imaging, Terveystalo Oy, Finland.
  • Dr. Kurki is a specialist in neuroradiology with special interest in diagnostics of brain injury and multiple sclerosis. He is the Chief of Medical Imaging services at Terveystalo Oy, one of the main private clinics in Finland. Dr. Kurki has been a member of the SAB since 2018.

  • Risto O. Roine - MD/PhD, Professor in Neurology and Chief Physician, Division of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Turku and Turku University Hospital, Finland.
  • Professor Roine has held several chief managerial positions in Neurology, for example, the Chairman of the Division of Clinical Neurosciences at Turku University Hospital. He has served as an Investigator in 40 clinical trials. Additionally, he has published 99 peer-reviewed original articles as well as dozens of reviews and book chapters. He has been a member of the SAB since 2015.

  • Mika Hannula - DSc (Tech), Professor. Vice Rector for partnerships and strategic engagement, University of Turku, Finland.
  • Professor Hannula has held numerous research and leadership positions at Tampere University of Technology and University of Turku. Prior to joining University of Turku in 2018, he served as the President of Tampere University of Technology. Professor Hannula is an experienced leader and has extensive experience in different academic leadership positions. Additionally, he serves as a board member or chair for several organizations inside and outside the academia, including private owned companies and public organizations.

  • Markku Tuominen – MD/PhD. Chief Physician and CEO of Medisport Oy, Finland. Chief Medical Officer, Finnish Ice Hockey Association.
  • Dr. Tuominen is an experienced physician and key opinion leader in sports injuries. He is a member of the Medical Committee of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and is serving as a physician in the Finnish Ice Hockey Federation. Dr. Tuominen has been a member of the SAB since 2018.