Research and Development

Research and Development

Patent portfolio

Biomarker portfolio

  1. “Prognostic and Diagnostic Glycan-based Biomarkers of Brain Damage” Granted European Patent No. 3283880, Granted Canadian patent No. 2,982,503, Granted US Patent No. 10,739,335, Granted Israeli patent No. 254980
  2. “Non-invasive brain injury diagnostic device” PCT-application WO/2018/154401, has entered into national phases,
    Utility model granted in China and Australia
  3. ”Device and method for detecting of brain injury in a subject” PCT-application WO/2021/099677
  4. ”A method for determining a lectin-binding glycan indicative to traumatic brain injury” PCT-application WO/2021/205059.

  5. "A method for diagnosis of traumatic brain injury" Newly filed application FI 202251576.
  6. "Method of detecting tissue damage" Newly filed application FI 20225156.

NCE portfolio

  1. ”Multivalent compounds for use in the treatment and prevention of brain damage" US patent No. 9,975,846, Finnish patent No. 127 024, Israeli patent No. 251 407, European patent No. 3201173
  2. ”Conjugates and conjugates for use in preventing or treating of brain damage and neurodegenerative diseases” PCT-application WO/2021/038125

Other patents 

  1. "Method for determining coronavirus and kit for the same" PCT application WO/2021/205058