Research and Development

Research and Development

Medicortex’s aim is to develop a simple, easy-to-use and relatively cheap test based on a biomarker found in one of the body fluids. Ideally, the test could be applied within minutes of the initial insult.

A biomarker diagnostic test for TBI may be of use in identifying individuals with TBI, who are at risk of secondary brain injury and therefore require increased surveillance, or for those individuals with mild TBI, who otherwise may remain undiagnosed and untreated. A diagnostic test can also be applied in cases where there are no external signs of injury, for example for soldiers exposed to blast or explosion injuries.  

The TBI diagnostic quick test Medicortex is developing will be the first biomarker from a non-invasive sample of body fluid approved by regulatory agencies for the diagnosis or prognosis of TBI immediately after injury. Compared to the main state-of-the-art approach, i.e. imaging tests, the Medicortex kit provides a reliable result rapidly and cost effectively and does not require medical professionals to interpret the result.  It can be used at the POC (point-of-care), for example, in emergency response situations such as traffic accidents, sports injuries or military activity. This means that even mild TBI will not go undiagnosed.

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Key Benefits of the Medicortex Test:

  • Quick: Medicortex provides a definitive result shortly after dipping it into saliva or urine, without the need of specialized labs and the related waiting time.
  • Reliable: Based on our pre-clinical trials, the reliability is very high. The increased accuracy can help diagnose even milder cases of TBI.
  • Inexpensive: Since no trained staff or laboratory equipment is needed, unlike in other TBI detection methods, the tests are extremely low cost.
  • Reduces unnecessary expensive CT/MRI scans: The current gold standard for the diagnosis of brain injury are imaging techniques that are expensive. Plus, most hospitals only have one or very few of those testing machines.
  • Easy to interpret: the results are as simple to interpret as in a pregnancy test. Positive stands for the presence of TBI and negative for no brain injury.
  • Eliminate the “silent” from the epidemic: Ideally, Medicortex test can be used in routine checks at the general practitioners or when being admitted to the emergency room. That way, anyone with even mild TBI is aware about their condition.

Please look at our movie about detecting sport concussions:

The following movie presents the use of the Medicortex test kit for the detection of concussion in children and in sports:

The video presents the use of the Medicortex test kit for the detection of concussion in army personnel:

The video shows how repeated concussions affect your brain: