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TesTBI is an electrochemical test to be used for detection of Traumatic Brain Injuries from urine samples. In the current campaign, Medicortex aims to raise up to 100,000€ to fund the first developmental phase of TesTBI. The fundraising campaign runs between 14 and 28 of November 2023.

Subscription agreements for the campaign (14-28 November)

In English:

2023 November Subscription Agreement
136 KB, updated on Nov 7th 2023

In Finnish:

2023 Marraskuu Merkintasopimus
114 KB, updated on Nov 7th 2023

Shares can be subscribed by filling in, printing, and signing the document above, after which the (scanned) document can be sent via email: medicortex a or mail: Medicortex Finland Oyj, Itäinen Pitkäkatu 4 B, 4th floor, FI-20520 Turku, Finland. We will return you a copy of the agreement signed by the representative of the company, after which you have 14 days to pay the total subscription price to the Nordea bank account provided on the last page of the subscription agreement. Company’s Board of Directors will confirm the subscriptions after the round, whereafter they will enter the official registration and book-entry affiliation (Note. It will take some time until the shares are registered and cleared to the electronic book-entry securities system).

Company's Power Point presentation

In English:

Medicortex Ppp November 2023 Campaign
1.9 MB, updated on Nov 9th 2023

In Finnish:

Medicortex Ppp Marraskuu 2023 Osakeanti
4.1 MB, updated on Nov 9th 2023

Contact details

Medicortex Finland Oyj (Plc)

Itäinen Pitkäkatu 4 B, 4th floor
FI-20520 Turku
Tel. +358 (0)400 870 366
medicortex a

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