Results of the First Clinical Study are Published in Frontiers in Biomarkers of Brain Injury

Adrian Harel (adrian.harel a, Nov 12th 2021

An article written by Medicortex is accepted into a special issue, the Frontiers in Biomarkers of Brain Injury of the Brain Sciences journal. The article summarizes results from the first clinical study. You can read the open access article from this link

Kvist, M.; Välimaa, L.; Harel, A.; Posti, J.P.; Rahi, M.; Saarenpää, I.; Visuri, M.; Östberg, A.; Rinne, J. Glycans as Potential Diagnostic Markers of Traumatic Brain Injury. Brain Sci. 2021, 11, 1480.

The article was also featured in Science Business (read the news article here).