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Investment opportunity

Disclosure Policy

Disclosure policy in general

Medicortex’s disclosure policy has been approved by the Board of Directors on 3 June 2022

This disclosure policy describes the general principles and procedures that Medicortex Finland Oyj adheres to in its communication with capital markets. The Company adheres to this disclosure policy also in its financial reporting.

Medicortex complies with applicable EU and Finnish legislation, the Nasdaq First North Growth Market – Rulebook, Nasdaq Helsinki Finland Oyj's Guidelines for Insiders, the regulations and guidelines of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, as well as Company's principles of management and other internal guidelines in its communications.

Key principles of disclosure

The key principles of Medicortex's communications are consistency, accuracy, transparency, activeness and fairness. Medicortex communicates information, whether positive or negative, consistently and simultaneously to the capital markets and stakeholders.

Medicortex shall disclose as soon as possible information required to be disclosed by disclosure obligations. All releases are published on Medicortex's website in addition to other applicable distribution channels. Information is disclosed in Finnish and in English.


Disclosure policy (PDF)

Disclosure Policy Medicortex Finland Oyj
199 KB, updated on Jun 10th 2022